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Included features

This is what each digital scheduling app must have and a bit more

Easy to use

Our interface is intuitive and you'll be able to set up your account and start using the app from the first shot.

Performance reports

Stay on top of your business by getting performance reports on your email with latest activity, and comparison with past activity.

Marketing Campaigns

Set up campaigns sent out via SMS and / or email to gain new customers, retain current ones or simply to promote your business.

Customer reviews

The app automatically asks your customers for review, after their appointment, that will help you enhance your services.

Smart calendar

Easiest way to manage your appointments using technology - add new ones, modify existing and see staff's next ones.


Reminders will reduce no-shows by 30% - this is a proven record, and they are sent automatically by the app.


Create promotions directly from the app, and distribute them via SMS and/or email directly from the app's interface(coming soon).

Social share

Invite clients to book an appointment easier, directly from the app's interface - sharing works on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook App

Now since you probably have lots of fans on Facebook, you can install the app in your page and let them book appointments by themselves.

Mobile App

Let your customers book appointments directly from their SmartPhone (both iOS and Android) anytime they want.

Readable analytics

The analytics section will give you precious insights of how different areas of your business are performing.

Staff login

Keep your sensitive data is protected, while let your staff access only the calendar and their appointments.


You and your staff are informed whenever a new appointment is created or updated, especially when it comes from Facebook or Mobile app.


This is not rocket science, but it will give you quite some useful insights on how things are working and what to expect on a short term.

24/7 access

Easy access to your account from any device connected to the internet, to know what appointments are coming next.


We're using the latest technology to make sure your data is encrypted and protected at the highest standards.

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