To manage appointments,
create marketing campaigns
and get perfomance reports

Your appointments
on digital format

What makes us unique

Below features will give you a better understanding off your business. For free.

Easy to use

Our interface is intuitive and you'll be able to set up your account and start using the app from the first shot.

Performance reports

Stay on top of your business by getting performance reports on your email with latest activity, and comparison with past activity.


Set up campaigns sent out via SMS and / or email to gain new customers, retain current ones or simply to promote your business.

Customer reviews

The app automatically asks your customers for review, after their appointment, that will help you enhance your services.

Here's how you can start

Takes less than 2 minutes and it's free

Happy clients? We have some!

Let the technology do the job for your appointments; here are few of the reasons why you should do that:

  • access anytime, from any device;
  • easy drag and drop to modify;
  • client history at a glance;

appointments on digital format

62% off those who
use the app daily

saw financial increase from their second month

Let your customers book appointments easier, from their SmartPhone or from your Facebook page, even in the middle of the night.

You can activate the website widget or install the Facebook app directly in your page, through which your customers will have access only to available intervals to book appointments by themselves - you will receive a notification for each new appointment made.

customer book appointments